Would you like to book La Sala Rossa or Casa Del Popolo?
Both rooms are usually booked 2 to 3 months in advance.

Recorded material (cd or cdr) can be sent by surface mail to:

Casa Del Popolo (attn : BOOKING)
4873 boul. St-Laurent,
Montreal, Quebec
H2T 1R6

We can also be contacted by email at
booking[at]casadelpopolo[dot]com or by phone at 514-284-0122.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for a response.

Tech spec: La Sala Rossa
* View Casa Del Popolo here


Please confirm the following equipement at 514-284-0122 ou

Room Sound Reinforcement

2 x d&b Ci7-TOP Passive Main Speakers
2 x d&b 12S Passive Front-Fill Speakers
1 x d&b J-Sub Passive Subwoofer
2 x d&b D12 2 channels loudspeaker amps/processors
1 x d&b D6 2 channels loudspeaker amp/processor

Stage Sound

4 x d&b Max2 Passive Monitors (55Hz-20kHz – 250W RMS)
2 x d&b D12 2 channels amps/processors
2 x Mackie SRM450 Active Monitors (Controlled at FOH)


1 x APB Pro Desk 8 Mixing Console
40 mic/line mono inputs, 4 stereo line inputs
8 mono auxes, 8 groups, 8 matrixes
4 main outputs (LR, Center (sub) and Mono)
Phantom power 48V, inserts and direct outs on all inputs

1x Mackie 1402 VLZ3 Mixing Console
6 mic/line mono inputs, 4 stereo line inputs
2 mono auxes, 1 stereo main output and 1 stereo alt output
Phantom power 48V and inserts on all inputs


4 x Klark Teknik DN360 stereo graphic EQ
1 x Yamaha SPX 990 Professionnal Multi-Effect Processor
1 x Yamaha SPX 900 Professionnal Multi-Effect Processor
1 x dbx 266XL stereo Compressor/Gate
2 x dbx 166XL stereo Compressor/Limiter/Gate
1 x BSS DPR404 4 channels Compressor/De-Esser
1 x Klark Teknik DN514 Quad Auto-Gate
1 x Denon Dual CD Player (with Remote)

Microphones/DI Boxes

1 x BeyerDynamic TG D70d
2 x BeyerDynamic M201TG
3 x BeyerDynamic TG D35d
3 x BeyerDynamic TG D58c
4 x BeyerDynamic MC930 (condenser)
2 x BeyerDynamic M88 TG
2 x BeyerDynamic TG D50d
4 x BeyerDynamic TG V50d
3 x BeyerDynamic TG V71d
1 x BeyerDynamic TG I58 chelix

3 x Shure SM58
1 x Shure SM57
1 x Shure Beta57a
2 x AKG C2000 (condenser)
2 x Sennheiser e609
1 x AudioTechnica Pro35x

6 x Radial Pro DI (mono/passive) DI boxes
2 x Radial Pro D2 (stereo/passive) DI boxes
2 x Radial JD1 (mono/passive) DI boxes
4 x Radial J48 (mono/active) DI boxes

11 x long microphone stands
8 x short microphone stands
2 x music stands

1 x 40 pairs snake
1 x 16 pairs sub-snake (23′)


Control : 1 x Leviton MC 75-25-DMX 24/48 channels Memory Console

Dimming : 8 x 4 dimming channels (600W)
2 x Chauvet DMX-4 4 channels Dimmer
2 x Leviton D4-DMX-LD5 4 channels Dimmer
3 x LSP DP-DMX-20L 4 channels Dimmer
1 x Leprecon LD-360 6 channels Dimmer

– 7 x ETC 36° Lekos Source 4 575w (hpl)
– 3 x ETC Jr. 36° 575w (hpl)
– 4 x ETC Par 575w (hpl)
– 10 x Par 64 500w (mfl)
– 8 x Par 56 500w (mfl)
– 6 x Par 38 (250W)
– 4 x Par 38 (150W)

Please note 4 par 64’s and 8 par 38’s are in a fixed position and not available to moved or refocused

DJ Equipment

1 x Pioneer DJM700 mixer
2 x Technics Quartz SL-1210 MK5 ($50 rental fee)
2 x Pioneer CDJ-900 ($50 rental fee)


1 x Knabe baby grand piano ($300 rental fee with tuning – $200 w/o tuning)

Video Projection

1 x BENQ MS502 projector mount with 800 X 600 SVGA, aspect ratio and keystone adjustments, and S Video, RCA, USB type B and HDMI inputs ($20 rental fee)
1 x BENQ MS510 projector unmount
1 x White Screen positioned at Proscenium 8’w x 6’8″h, motorized
1 x White Screen positioned up stage wall 8’w x 8’h

Detailed Tech Specs

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